Reliable Wi-Fi Now Second Only to a Good Bed for Business Hotel Bookings.


For hotel users, Wi-Fi is now second only to having a comfortable bed. Wi-Fi has become a “must-have” for business travellers, trumping other standard amenities such as hotel restaurants, in-room mini-bars, and gym facilities, according to a survey commissioned by Wi-Fi roaming service provider, iPass.

According to their report, 82 percent said free hotel Wi-Fi services were limited, slow and unreliable. More than one third reported using high bandwidth cloud-based business and collaboration apps such as unified communications that demand continuous high-quality connectivity to get the job done.

In 2012, 20 percent did not have an opinion about roaming prices. This year that figure dropped to 13 percent indicating awareness of the high cost of data roaming is growing.

Tablet computers continue to be a favourite among mobile workers. The 10-inch iPad is still the preferred device. 47 percent of respondents chose 7- and 8-inch tablets as an intended tablet purchase in the next six months, and 29 percent plan to purchase the full-size iPad.

Wi-Fi access in aircraft is also top of mind for business travellers when choosing airlines. Close to one third indicated in-flight Wi-Fi is taken into consideration when choosing which airlines to fly.


Christopher Macgowan

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