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I simply cannot imagine anything more ghastly than having a government minister – or opposition shadow minister – defining what is right for BBC content. Grant Shapps seems to have a view and I am unimpressed. I am the first … Continue reading

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Regent Street Motor Show.

A British-built world beating electric racing car will be one of the star attractions at the Regent Street Motor Show on Saturday 2 November. Proving the ‘E’ in EV can stand for ‘excitement’ just as much as ‘electric’, the Drayson … Continue reading

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Industry Forum now reaches the UK offshore wind sector.

The SMMT’s Industry Forum has over time moved well beyond the automotive sector. Innovative thinking and its ability to deliver tangible improvement across many processes is now recognised globally. Iain Cameron illustrates IF’s background influence in the UK Offshore Wind … Continue reading

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Study shows automotive at its best.

New study shows automotive is most sustainable industry. Research released this month has shown that the automotive industry boasts the most consistently sustainable organisations. Ranked against leading companies already rated in the Dow Jones top 50 businesses for sustainability, automotive … Continue reading

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6.8billion total mobile cellular subscriptions.

Mobile Broadband is Now More Affordable Than Fixed Broadband. Mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets has become the fastest growing segment of the global ICT market, according to ITU’s flagship annual report Measuring the Information Society 2013. New figures released … Continue reading

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100th Anniversary of the Ford moving production line.

Monday October 7th will mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of Henry Ford’s moving assembly line for producing the Model T. This innovative production system allowed Ford to double worker pay while cutting the price of his cars in … Continue reading

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Roads Consumer Watchdog needed says RAC Foundation.

The future of Britain’s roads came under expert scrutiny at CILT’s panel debate at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week. A packed audience of politicians, Conservative members and industry experts heard CILT President Jim Steer reveal that traffic … Continue reading

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Scientists Use Bolt of Lightning to Recharge a Nokia Smartphone.

Scientists from the University of Southampton have collaborated with Nokia on proof-of-concept research into harnessing the power of lightning for personal use, an industry first that could potentially see consumers tap one of nature’s significant energy sources to charge their … Continue reading

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