Nikki King on Question Time tonight.

Industry legend Nikki King, the award winning former MD of Isuzu Truck (UK) Ltd and now its Honorary Chairman, has been invited to join the panel of this week’s BBC 1 Question Time as a prominent business leader and industry spokesperson.

The location for this week’s programme is Portsmouth, the focus of last week’s top news with the announcement of the Navy’s ship-building commissions moving to Scotland and, in effect, closing down the ship-building industry in the town.

The programme, which is transmitted this evening after the BBC News at ten o’clock, will cover a wide range of current issues. Joining Nikki on the panel will be former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, Stella Creasey, the Shadow Minister for Business, Ed Davey, the Minister for Climate Change and Paul Kenny, Head of the GMB Union.

Nikki says; “I am an avid fan of Question Time and it’s been a long-standing ambition of mine to appear on the show. It’s an honour to have been invited to appear on such a high profile programme.”

Christopher Macgowan

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