Lenovo ThinkPad 8


Whilst I remain a fan of the iPad and keep a 7″ Android on the go as well, I do think Lenovo will have a winner with its new ThinkPad 8 in the business or enterprise arena. It comes with Windows 8.1 and significantly Lenovo has bundled Office on it as well so users will no longer have to worry about compatibility with their networked computers.

Small form factor tablets have been a popular item in the Android and iOS ecosystems since 2012 when Google released its first ever own-brand slate, the Nexus 7. But despite their popularity with Google and Apple’s user base, businesses have for some time been left without a small form factor Microsoft Windows 8 tablet option.

Luckily, Chinese PC heavyweight Lenovo fixed this at CES 2014 when it unveiled its ultra-portable ThinkPad 8 tablet. With a small-form 8in design and running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 software, the ThinkPad 8 on paper has the chops to be one of 2014’s most enterprise-friendly tablets.


Christopher Macgowan

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