Apple pushing for larger screens for iPhone 6 models.


There is more evidence that Apple is working on two new iPhone handsets with larger screens than their current models. There has long been expectation that Apple would launch two different sized models, but most had expected the smaller of the two to be comparable to the current handset size.

A new report from the South China Morning Post suggests that both new models would be larger than the current crop of Apple smartphones.

Citing sources who have seen the prototypes, the SCMP reported that the two models will come in either 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch screen sizes, which would bring them closer to the more popular screen sizes from other handset manufacturers.

They would also come with a higher screen resolution, matching that offered by Samsung’s soon to be replaced S4 smartphone.

“They have to tackle the phablet [devices that serve as both phone and tablet] market. People want bigger screens now,” one insider said.

The report also repeated suggestions that the new phones will come with a sapphire coated screen, which is more resilient to scratches, although some other reports have pushed that launch back to next year due to production difficulties.

As usual, the phones should be announced in September, with a design and specification lock-down due in April.

Source is CN

Christopher Macgowan

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