BEN receives top Sunday Times rating – AGAIN!


The annual Sunday Times workplace survey has again placed BEN, the automotive industry charity, in the Top 100 Best not-for-profit organisations to work for and awarded the charity with a coveted star rating.

The in-depth, independently run survey uses direct feedback from employees to assess critical aspects of their employment such as personal development, wellbeing, leadership and value of the organisation in giving back, to gauge their satisfaction and engagement. BEN is proud of the advice and support it offers automotive industry workers in times of hardship and fully believes that it is the motivation and dedication of its team which ensures those in need receive only the highest quality of support.

In order to maintain levels of personal development and engagement the charity supports its employees with an extensive programme of induction and training opportunities, as well as fostering opportunities to liaise directly with the industry to sustain a first- hand connection to its greater purpose – caring for automotive people and their dependants in times of need.

David Main, BEN’s Chief Executive, commented: “This recognition doesn’t just belong to BEN – it belongs to the whole industry. Our automotive community is built on the passion of its people and, it is this that sustains our team’s commitment to serving those who are distressed, struggling or in need of care. Working so closely with an industry that views us as an essential service provides us with a unique insight.

“Armed with the knowledge provided by the Sunday Times surveys, BEN will continue to review and enhance its internal people strategy and vision. This will be supplemented by the findings from our own recent survey amongst automotive industry employees that, amongst many significant facts, verified the level to which life concerns have a detrimental effect on personal life and wellbeing. Together, we will use this information to ensure our services remain relevant for today and for future generations.”

Christopher Macgowan

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