Safer networks and lower speeds needed – PACTS.

Safer networks and lower speeds needed to promote walking and cycling and tackle obesity crisis, says Parliamentary safety group

Central Government and local authorities need to dramatically step up road safety measure if their policies for increased walking and cycling are to be realised without increasing casualties, according to a report by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety out tomorrow (1st April).

1st April 2014 is the first anniversary of the return to local government of responsibility for public health (previously with Primary Care Trusts). A study by PACTS of expert opinion across road safety, sustainable transport and public health sectors shows that working more closely together will be essential in the future, particularly in face of further government spending cuts.

PACTS executive director David Davies said, “The return of public health to local government has presented a tremendous opportunity to achieve better road safety, more active travel and healthier people and towns. Given the further cuts in local government spending that are on the way, working together may be the only way for these services to survive and deliver results. Government has set out policies to reduce casualties, encourage walking and cycling and to tackle obesity. But they have not backed them with sufficient action or joined-up working in Whitehall. If safety is not improved through safer infrastructure provision, effective speed management, improved road user training and other measures, more walking and cycling may lead to more casualties on Britain’s roads.”

The full report Achieving Safety, Sustainability and Health Goals in Transport will be released tomorrow on the PACTS website HERE The research was supported by the Ashden Trust and British Cycling.

Christopher Macgowan

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