Bletchley Park Trust to fund Alan Turing education role.

The Bletchley Park Trust is to fund an educational ‘Turing Education Officer’ role at its site in Milton Keynes and will support teaching experiences for young and disadvantaged children.

This is the third such position created at the Trust in the past two years, and the organisation said that it could afford to fund the role for three years. This latest hire, once installed, will work on educational efforts for primary school children and disadvantaged and special needs students.

According to the park people, Bletchley’s code breaking pedigree is just one facet of the experience.

“Bletchley Park is about so much more than a museum. Of course, what was done at Bletchley Park by Alan Turing and others is of huge importance,” said Sir John Dermot Turing, Bletchley Park Trustee. “One part of Bletchley Park’s mission is to use the achievements of the codebreakers to stimulate school students and complement the formal STEM curriculum in an interesting and relevant way.”

The education team at Bletchley has been hugely successful in this. In fact, so successful that the schools programme has been sold out many months in advance for the last few years.

“All this is why the Turing family has been very pleased to support the creation of a new post in the Education Department at Bletchley Park, called the Turing Education Officer. “We think this is a very fitting tribute to Alan Turing’s contribution here at Bletchley and something which we hope he would himself have been keen to support.”

Bletchley says that it pulls in some 8,000 schoolchildren a year, and welcomes its place in science and technology learning. It added that it is looking to double the amount of young visitors.

Christopher Macgowan

(As a huge Alan Turing fan – and anyone with an interest in IT and computing must be a fan as well – this is a wonderful initiative by Bletchley Park and attracting some 8,000 kids a year will continue to inspire them all and help some of them come to a conclusion on their own course selection and career path. CM)

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