FISITA World Automotive Summit in Paris

5th annual FISITA World Automotive Summit to be held in Paris, France, from 30 September – 1 October this year will see automotive industry leaders from around the world gather to discuss how the engineering community can contribute to a green future.

Top industry executives and experts from leading engineering companies will exchange ideas and participate in workshops focusing on the issues of Vehicle and Society, Zero Emission Electricity, Alternative Fuels, and Evolutionary Developments. This work will help structure the way the industry answers questions of vehicle affordability in a competitive environment affected by international CO2 emission regulations.

Karl Siebertz, Chairman of the World Automotive Summit’s Programme Committee and Head of External Alliances (Europe) at Ford Motor Company said, “We might work for different organizations, but we still live together in the same world. Automotive engineers of the world need to work together, connect to areas outside automotive and find good solutions for the mobility of the future. FISITA should and will contribute to this global dialogue. The FISITA World Automotive Summit is a dedicated event with world-class presenters and an audience of decision makers. ‘Powering Towards a Green Future’ – these are not just words, it’s a mission.”

The FISITA World Automotive Summit will take place at the Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly, France. Information about this event and past FISITA Summits can be found at

Christopher Macgowan

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