RIP the tax disc

The tax disc on one of my vehicles obligingly runs out at the end of this month. How nice to renew online and no longer bothering about receiving the wretched thing through the post and trying to tear it out of its perforations without ruining it!

In my former life we campaigned to get rid of it and how nice to see it coming to pass. Compliance with payment is already high (always room for improvement of course) and ANPR is the main route for catching those who have not paid. The days of a policeman wandering along a street looking at tax discs is long gone.

Doubtless some criminals will try to exploit the new system and the DVLA and the DfT will need to be on their toes – but all in all a big improvement I feel. And lest you are doubting the wisdom of the move, when did you last receive a physical television licence??!!

Christopher Macgowan

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