Economic significance of the UK motorcycle industry revealed in new study



The motorcycle industry contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy each year, according to a report published today.  The Economic Benefits of the UK Motorcycle Industry 2014 calculates that:


·         £5.3billion is generated through net annual sales, with an added value of £2billion

·         The industry directly employs 58,500 people in 5,700 businesses, plus an additional 16,400 jobs through motorcycle businesses purchasing goods and services from other UK sectors

·         Pays over a £1 billion in tax

·         Exports equal around £450 million each year, up 12% in real terms since 2008 

·         Tourism associated with motorcycling is estimated to support an additional 13,200 jobs

The report breaks down the industry by five sectors, which include:


·         Manufacturing 

·         Distribution and retail

·         Repair, servicing and maintenance 

·         Sports and leisure 

·         Support services, which include finance and insurance

It shows that the £2billion ‘added value’ generated by the motorcycle industry is more than the following industries:


·         Retailers of automotive fuels, lubricants and cooling products (£1.2billion)

·         Call centres (£1.4billion)

·         Performing arts (£1.5billion)

·         PR and communications activities (£1.3billion)

The number of jobs supported by the industry is more than:


·         Taxi driving (36,000)

·         Manufactures of pharmaceuticals (50,000)

·         Agriculture, forestry and fishing activities (46.000)

·         Manufacture of textiles (47,000)

Social benefits:


·         Saves the NHS several million pounds a year through voluntary ‘blood biker’ services, couriering life saving products

·         Used by emergency services to cut through traffic

·         Addresses transport poverty through Wheels to Work schemes

Click here for full report.

Christopher Macgowan


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