I do receive more than my fair share of rubbish.

I am a great admirer of Lucy Kellaway of the FT who awards prizes for incomprehensible prose. She is in a far better position than me to assess what is going on but I do feel I am receiving more than my fair share of over excited, over hyped rubbish. This today from TfL’s Exterion Media:

Cotterrell, the UK managing director at Exterion Media, said: “We’re really excited that the moment we’ve been preparing for is finally/nearly here. Transport for London has an inspiring vision for the Underground and their wider asset base that we’re already delivering on. Game-changing innovations such as DX3, which we’re launching in the coming months, will transform the tube and commuter experience, and present amazing opportunities for the industry going forward. We’re proud to be leading this revolution as we engage with TfL during the bid.”

A visit to http://www.plainenglish.co.uk is always helpful – or should I say is always an exciting and rewarding experience?

Christopher Macgowan


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