DVLA Share Driving Licence launched


DVLA Share Driving Licence online service replaces counterpart and guarantees instant, 24 hour, access to important information.

What Is The Purpose Of Share Driving Licence?
The DVLA Share Driving Licence service has been launched to replace the paper-based counterpart and guarantee instant, twenty-four hour, access to a range of information. Its purpose is to enable you to confirm facts that relate to your licence online. Information can also be shared with (say) a car hire firm or employer that needs to confirm your entitlement to drive. Such parties previously relied on the counterpart. The photocard element of a licence remains valid but is only a summary and proof of identity. 

What Can Share Driving Licence Do For Me?
The Share Driving Licence service categorises information via a series of tabs. The “your details” tab contains basic facts such as the type of licence, its date of issue and when it expires. Confirmation of name, address and date of birth can be found here too. The “vehicles you can drive” tab – via categorises such as B1, K and L – highlights the classes of vehicle the licence relates too. It differentiates between your full and provisional entitlements. The “penalties and disqualifications” tab confirms you have (say) three penalty points but have not been disqualified. The “share your licence information” tab enables you to reveal facts to a vehicle hire firm or employer of your choice. Simply click the “create a code” button. As the name suggests, this generates a reference that – along with the last eight digits of your licence number – provides one time access to your information. The service also allows you to print a summary that can be presented to the interested party that incorporates the reference code.

How Can I Access Share Driving Licence?
The Share Driving Licence service can be accessed online via https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. Connect courtesy of your driving licence number, national insurance number, and postcode.

Is Share Driving Licence Safe?
The service only provides you with access to your information, plus those in receipt of a reference code. It also operates via a server that is well protected so there is only a minimal risk of hacker access. No computer is completely secure, however. Furthermore, it is important to keep your licence and national insurance number safe to prevent an authorised party logging-in using your identity.

Why Has Share Driving Licence Replaced The Counterpart?
A Red Tape Challenge consultation on road transportation inspired the counterpart’s abolition and the birth of the new, online, service. The purpose is to simplify and minimise the regulations that – according to the government and in a broader context than motoring – have “piled up and up” and “hurt business”. Cutting red tape might also reduce government expenditure. The challenge aligns with a DVLA plan that includes commitments to simplify its service. 


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