RHA brands Calais charity comments as “absolutely outrageous”.

The Road Haulage Association (@RHANews) shares the view of police and crime commissioner for Surrey, Kevin Hurley (@kvnbhrly1), that the migrant camp at Calais is unpoliced. In addition, it considers comments made by Care4Calais charity founder, Claire Moseley to be absolutely outrageous.

“Ms Mosely’s comments that if truck drivers have to change their job it’s not the end of the world is, at best, naive”, said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett (@RHARichardB)

90 per cent of the goods transferred between mainland Europe and the UK are carried on the back of a truck. This swift and efficient transfer of goods plays a massive part in the strength of the UK economy. Any situation that jeopardises the movement of goods through the Port will inevitably impact upon the economy. Of even greater importance is the effect that this continuing situation is having on HGV drivers faced with a constant barrage of abuse and intimidation from migrants.

Richard Burnett continued: “We understand that the improvements at the camp are being made on ‘humanitarian’ grounds. The RHA is not a political organisation, and has no wish to become embroiled in a political argument but surely, the 9000 HGV drivers that cross the Channel on a daily basis are also entitled to humanitarian treatment? The cab of a truck is an HGV drivers ‘home’ for the duration of their journey. Why are we allowing that home to be put at risk? If, as suggested by Ms Mosely, drivers who, don’t like it leave the industry for another job, the future for the UK economy looks very bleak indeed.

“It has become glaringly obvious that the Calais camp is in the wrong place and it must be moved further inland. As it stands at the moment, it represents little more than a departure lounge for migrants whose only aim in life is to reach the UK – whatever the cost to others. Until such time as this common-sense, long-term solution prevails, we stand firm behind our call to see the French military deployed as a matter of extreme urgency.” 

Christopher Macgowan 

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  1. I could not agree more. The HGV drivers have a horrible time in Calais

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