Parliamentary Advisory Committee for Transport Safety

Constituency Road Safety Dashboard – launched today

Today (19th November), the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Transport Safety will meet with Roads Minister Baroness Vere to discuss the government’s policy on road safety.  

To coincide with this, PACTS and Agilysis have launched the Constituency Road Safety Dashboard. This provides unique information about all reported casualties and the other vehicles involved for each GB parliamentary constituency. With clear tables, maps and graphics, users can filter for particular information. It has been constructed by Agilysis for PACTS and is designed to assist MP’s. It is available online, free to everybody. 

It provides similar information, at a constituency level, to that published recently in the PACTS report. Conventional analysis focuses on casualty numbers, based on injured road user. The dashboard shows the other “conflicting” vehicles involved. This is important as the percentage of vulnerable road users injured on the roads is increasing and the government is promoting active travel. The new Dashboard is therefore a unique insight constituency into the road danger, particularly for pedestrians, pedal cyclists and motorcyclists.

Christopher Macgowan


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