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FT wonders whether driverless cars might represent a threat to the growth of cycling in cities.

There is an interesting article today in the online FT by George Greenwood in which he suggests that the arrival of driverless cars might in cities scupper the growth in cycle use. Driverless cars will be fighting for space with … Continue reading

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One reason we stare at our mobis all day.

I was reading a piece in the FT this morning about a proposed restructuring of Facebook shares which would allow Mark Zuckerberg to retain control of the company whilst pursuing his philanthropy.  This fact emerged: The average user now spends … Continue reading

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2016 predictions.

As with many newspapers, The Financial Times http://www.ft.com today makes its predictions for 2016 as well as admitting to failed predictions for 2015 – most notably predicting a hung parliament for the UK. Key predictions for 2016 include: Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Actually, dealer retail premises ARE best when buying a car.

   I see in today’s FT Andy Sharman writes that the industry has been slow to accept new e-based retailing formats and with the arrival of the new Carwow operation all that is set to change. I like what Andy … Continue reading

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